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One of our core partners in building our local non-extractive loan fund is The Working World.

(from the Working World Website)

The Working World puts finance in the hands of working people without making them put down collateral or take on the burden of debt that may threaten their wellbeing. They do this by promoting a more inclusive form of ownership — businesses that are collectively run and owned by their workers and community — and by tying loan returns to project success to minimize risk, both for the fund and the enterprises they help thrive.

Acting as partners lets them focus on what’s really important: the stability and growth of businesses that are based in and built to serve low-income communities. It also means that the fund never take a single dime from the people we work with that doesn’t come from income we’ve helped generate. No community will ever be made poorer by working with us.

That’s what we mean by non-extractive finance — a business loan should be a tool to help you grow, not to rob you blind.