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Space LVL8

Space Lvl8 is transforming everyday as they recruit new members to carry out the goal! Space Lvl8 has solidified their identity by pivoting to a niche from the unexpectancy of COVID19. Space Lvl8 has developed a strong business model and developed internal systems towards launching in collaboration with Cooperation Richmond. As Space lvl8 is embarking on legalizing their status, members are preparing for operations and loan memos. Space Lvl8 partnered with Sustainable Economies Law Center is Oakland Ca, to develop members Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, Roles & responsibilities, & a Conflict Resolution Policy. These are governing documents that worker owners can refer to guide their working environment. Space Lvl8 is now ready to file with the Secretary of State in California as a registered CA Coop. We appreciate our partners and network! May we continue in cooperation. As mentioned above, Space Lvl8 members have developed a strong business model to propose a loan memo to our partners Seed Commons; who is a non-extractive loan fund. We are a part of a larger network of cooperative shared resources and we appreciate all those who are in support of cooperative development in Richmond Ca. Currently, members are workshopping their roles within the business. For example; distinguishing the different responsibilities of a general manager and an operational manager. Thanks to our network, members have processes and guiding documents to workshop these roles specifically to their business. Please Contact: info@spacelvl8.com Or princess@cooperationrichmond.org