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Rich City Rides Cooperative Inc.

Rich City Rides
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Rich City Rides Coop Inc, your local neighborhood friendly bike shop is a staple of Richmond’s buzzing community. Started in 2014 this for profit worker owned cooperative has seen it all, from missing business because they couldn’t afford to purchase bikes, losing customers because they didn’t have “the look” a traditional bike shop would have and in the beginning with their laid back floor display to now having it totally remodeled with a updated retail floor that finally gives them ‘the look”, Rich City Rides Bike Coop has been serving the Richmond community for close to a decade and at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic they kept their doors open still committed to serving the people, providing a safe space for folks to go while gaining much success as a business navigating the trials and tribulations of that time, and now we ask….what’s next?!!
{What’s Next Interview/ with Rich City Rides}

What’s Next For The Bike Shop?

It’s really just getting the ecommerce side going strong, also we got the shop looking how we want to now it’s time to invite more people to come out and take in the new version of RCR, possibly a Grand Reopening!

How Has it Been Since Transitioning Into 2022?

Transitioning into 22 has been alot of having to reorient ourselves, 2020 was a cocoon stage and now that we’re back open we need to bring more community in through the doors so they can see what we can offer.

How Has The Cooperative Model Served You In These Times?
The cooperative model has definitely served us we’re all in it together with all owners and community, this is our connector point.

Any Big Plans For Expansion?

Looking to grow but there’s lots of capacity building that needs to be done when thinking about expansion. We have some experience doing this but want to lean heavily into our connection with our cooperative networks in Seed Commons looking to use the collective wisdom of others to best serve the community here in Richmond.

What Are 5 Principles That Stand Out To You That If Other Cooperatives or Even Citizens Knew They Could Benefit From?

The first I would say is the principle around Cooperatives Helping Other Cooperatives; in the beginning we gained much support from The Missing Link bike coop who has been around for decades and who we consider our big sibling, they were there for us in the early beginnings and were very helpful.
And Also Commitment to Community; “show love you get love” we’re not here to just sale a bunch of bikes but to fulfill a need and provide a level of customer service that’s unique because its made by people who live in the community, build in the community and heavily invested in the community with over a decade of community commitment that shows up not just in words but in the work.

Any Final Thoughts Cooperation Richmond and The Impact We’ve Had….

“Definitely want to say we got a lot of support around legal status and bylaws, support with writing down inventory and doing our shop remodeling, we have come a long way and Cooperation Richmond has been with us at each step of the journey.”

-Come By Anytime We’re Open!