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North Richmond Grocery Coop

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NOTE: Rendering is not final, proposed concept may change.


The North Richmond Grocery Store project is in the pre-development stage. The developer, Community Housing Development Corporation, is in the process of acquiring all the necessary funding to begin the construction phase. We are actively preparing for CHDC’s launch of the Request for Proposals in order to establish a worker-owned full service cooperative grocery store.

 We will soon begin holding informational meetings in the North Richmond community to inform community members of this amazing opportunity. Our hope is to recruit, train, and empower North Richmond residents to become the worker-owners of this grocery store. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a potential worker-owner or simply want to learn how to get involved please feel free to contact us at info@cooperationrichmod.org

Cooperation Richmond is excited to launch its Richmond Community Grocery Cooperative fund. It is a campaign intended to fund at least the first two years of a community cooperative grocery store. Our goal is to allow historically marginalized members of the community an opportunity to fully participate and invest their time and energy into becoming cooperative grocery store owners. This would not be possible without the support of people like you.

Our goal is to raise at least the cost of four years worth of salaries for the worker owners as well as compensate them for their time during the six-month training period prior to the launch of the store. We intend to bring on folks in the community that reflect the cultures, histories, and life experiences that represent Richmond’s diversity.

Cooperation Richmond works to form the foundations of democratic and cooperative governance but involves the worker owners to begin the lived practice of being cooperators and owners with each other. We allow them the ability to self-determine and define the how, why, when, and where for their business. What does accountability look like for them? Weekly or daily team meetings? Conflict mediation spaces? Cooperative culture needs to be understood, learned, implemented and practiced in order to really shape the business and the worker-owners relationship.

Cooperation Richmond has the support of partner organizations that are supporting the incubation, development, and future financing of the North Richmond Cooperative grocery store: Mandela Grocery Cooperative, Sustainable Economies Law Center, Seed Commons, Repaired Nations, Healthy Richmond, including the North Richmond Resident Leadership Team, and the Richmond Our Power Coalition.

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