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Project Overview

RICH CITY RIDES Cooperative Inc

The Rich City Rides Bike Shop is an independent, for-profit worker-owned cooperative. It began as an incubator business launched by the Rich City Rides non-profit organization in September 2014.

Since 2018, Cooperation Richmond has supported the growth and development of Rich City Rides Bike Shop through technical assistance grants to legally establish the shop as a California Cooperative, help establish a robust accounting system, e-commerce website, as well as access non-extractive loans to renovate the retail space and establish a line of credit for purchasing inventory.

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To support Richmond’s only worker-owned cooperative bike shop visit the Rich City Rides online store www. richcityridesbikeshop.com.

East Bay Construction

In the midst of the pandemic, we have been working closely (not physically) with one of our local small businesses, East Bay Construction & Maintenance. The owner of this landscaping company, came to us last year because he was interested in converting his business into a cooperative! Since the beginning of this shelter-in-place order, we are working with Hak to get him the resources his business and workers (future co-owners) need at this time.

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Stay tuned for updates on what we are doing to support our local cooperative businesses!


STAR WYNGZ is a worker-owned mobile food truck/pop up cooperative business run by and for Richmond residents. Their mission is to provide quality food that caters to a wide variety of customers through our tasty flavored chicken wings and the option of vegan soul-food sides. They value professionalism and the ability to present a clean/ethical workspace for the safety of our customers. 

Cooperation Richmond’s partnership with STAR WYNGZ grew out of the 2019 North Richmond Cooperative Business Intensive Workshop series. Cooperation Richmond has supported STAR WYNGZ in developing their business model canvas, proforma, and Action Plan for launching the business. Now we are excited to support them in securing their first technical assistance grants and non-extractive loans so they have the working capital they need to transition their cottage industry sole proprietor catering business into a fully developed worker-owned cooperative serving thousands of customers every month.

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Contact: Starwyngs@gmail.com for more information

Space LV8

A New Event Space Coop focused on bringing cultural experiences to the youth and community, hosting bomb events and inspiring performances featuring upcoming artists, local talent and musicians of all ages✨

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Be on the look out πŸ‘€