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Kingdom X

Kingdom X is a community agitator/organizer from the streets of Oakland, California. Born and Raised in Brookfield Village (off 98th Ave), Kingdom learned first hand how to use his voice to speak out on gang violence, police oppression, poverty, drug culture, and institutional injustices experienced by inner-city youth through music and mentorship. He first organized a rap group aimed at uplifting the narrative of the ghetto and using their influence to promote positivity, entrepreneurship, and legal business ownership.

After going legit and turning completely away from a life of illegal hustling, he found himself working at one of the most profitable businesses in the country (Wal-Mart), and after struggling to survive, choosing to eat lunch or have money to catch the bus to work Kingdom found that the “Corporate” world can be just as negative and the “Streets”. With this truth, he used the same tools to organized and started educating and connecting workers nationwide around the fight for a “liveable wage”. After much success and massive collective work, he decided to focus more on his first works, the struggles that plague the oppressed and stressed in the ghettos of America and specifically those aimed at the African-Indigenous-Native population.

Now with Cooperation Richmond, Kingdom is bringing his experience with being a business owner and evolutionary to help inspire and assist those looking to take control of their current predicaments and collectively manifests dreams.

Princess Robinson

My name is Princess Robinson, a mother, wife, and Richmond resident. My mother was an illegal resident from Samoa, and a single parent of 4 children. With no educational background, we were raised in a low-income community with little resources and an unstable home. I grew up in Richmond CA, where I currently am an advocate for my community.

I started working at Urban Tilth, as an environmental steward, restoring creek ecosystems and providing fresh locally grown produce in food deserts throughout Richmond. I have participated in years of community service, neighborhood meetings, community boards, etc. I have served in many initiatives throughout my community towards a Just Transition economy such as; beautification projects, alternative housing solutions, and implementing sustainable practices through climate justice systems.

As a returning college student, I graduated in 2019 with 3 AA degrees in business, sociology, and liberal arts, I am a Project Manager for Cooperation Richmond. I help people, who are just like me, develop and launch worker-owned cooperative businesses in my community. I have always dreamed of being a business owner, and now I am helping to open cooperative businesses for my people. I am more than what I aspired to be. 

Today, I am a strong mother and wife.
Today, I am a community activist. 
Today, I am who I am because of my community.

Johana Gurdian

Johana Gurdian is a first-generation American, recent graduate from UC Berkeley and a local resident that is involved with various Richmond and North Richmond community organizations. She first heard about Cooperation Richmond through her community engagement and advocacy work with the North Richmond Resident Leadership Team.

She joined the Cooperation Richmond family because of her passion for economic and environmental justice in Richmond and the neighboring areas. Through her work, she strives to transform Richmond and it’s neighboring areas, into cooperative business hubs by and for People of Color.