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Cooperation Richmond builds community controlled wealth through worker-owned and community-owned cooperative businesses and enterprises by and for low-income communities and communities of color in Richmond whose wealth has been extracted.

We encourage, incubate and facilitate the launch and successful operation of diverse cooperative enterprises in Richmond operated by local residents, especially those of us coming from legacies of systemic marginalization and barred opportunity.


The economy of Richmond is powered by local worker and community-owned and operated businesses. The people once excluded from the economic opportunity of the extractive economy are now empowered through a regenerative economy and are actively building a socially just and ecologically sustainable economic system.



Solidarity – We can do more and better together, and cooperatives are the perfect vehicle.
Family & Community – We view community as a larger family and call upon others to do the same in order to create the world in which we wish to live.
Integrity – We do our utmost to practice what we expect of every worker-owner and community member.
Resilience – We firmly believe and understand that worker-cooperatives and community-owned enterprises are a game-changing and necessary strategy for resilience in Richmond and beyond.
Equality & Justice – Cooperatives represent a means to economically empower those most affected by income inequality, therefore moving toward a more just Richmond.