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Fresh Updates For a Fresh Release

Written by Kingdom X

July 19, 2021

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It’s been a full year since the mandatory call to shelter in place was issued and since then we’ve seen an uprising in the streets of this country like never before. Mass calls for change and accountability from those in positions of power, as people demand justice for the families of George Floyd, Breanna Taylor and so many others. Businesses closed down and some went out of business permanently. We had a President incite a riot at the nation’s capitol, all while families across the country suffered the economic, social, and racial impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Cooperation Richmond stands with and supports efforts from Asian Pacific Environmental Network in the Bay Area to reimagine safety and advance healing and community-centered solutions in response to violence directed at Asian American and Pacific Islander folks in our community. Learn how you can help at http://apen4ej.org

In Richmond, Ca we have been patient, operating within the guidelines of protection, and doing our part to ensure the safety of those most vulnerable around us. Cooperation Richmond has been working with cooperatives and people in the community, preparing for the day that we’re allowed to gather and reinvest in things that feed our soul and support our local economy. 

As we welcome in a new administration, the country is set to begin opening soon and changing current conditions as vaccinations are becoming widespread. Cooperation Richmond has been getting ready to reach out and help more people in our community

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