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New Floors! New Wall! OH BOY!

March 14, 2020

Rich City Rides Bike Shop Community Build Renovation Party

March 8th – 14th

It’s only when our projects succeed that we succeed!

Rich City Rides Coop Members, Cooperation Richmond’s Steering Committee Members and Staff, Community Members, and friends dedicated the week before the COVID-19 bomb hit to collectively renovate the bike shop. We used our People Power and know-how to rip out the old sad tile floor and replace it with the beautiful new vinyl faux wood floor at the Rich City Rides Cooperative Bike Shop. While we were at it we went ahead and painted over an old mural that was never quite finished on the back wall of the shop with a beautiful “JOYFUL ORANGE” paint creating a much warmer welcoming retail space that has drastically improved the customer experience and even through COVID, led to record sales weeks!

This project shows that you don’t have to have $20,000+ to make needed improvements to your shop if you have the community behind your effort.

Not, “me” US!

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