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Worker Cooperatives: Widening spheres of democracy podcast

April 24, 2018

Richmond featured in extraordinary Upstream podcast about Worker Cooperatives

If you are searching for something empowering, groundbreaking, and remarkable, this is the podcast you should be listening to!

Check out the latest Upstream podcast that takes a deep dive into the Worker Cooperatives movement: a broad selection of organizations, activists, and cooperatively structured workplaces that advocate for—and embody—workplace and economic democracy. Featuring

  • — Richard D. Wolff of Democracy at Work
  • — Gopal Dayaneni of Cooperation Richmond and Movement Generation
  • — Doria Robinson of Urban Tilth & Cooperation Richmond
  • — Esteban Kelly of US Federation of Worker Cooperatives and Democracy At Work Institute
  • — Gorka Espiau of the Agirre Lehendakaria Center
  • — Naj K. Smith of Rich City RIDES
  • — Roxanne Villaluz – Worker/member of a cooperative bakery & pizzeria
  • — Sofa Seahorse Gradin – Political Organizer and Lecturer in Politics at King’s College in London

Click to listen to podcast – https://www.upstreampodcast.org/workercoops1

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